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Horizon Europe Digital - Face2Face Brokerage

Project Idea Consultation

Have a project proposal idea? Get early feedback
from experienced National Contact Points @Digital2021

When:    By appointment: 28 June 2021
Where:   Face2Face online event

Ideal-ist National Contact Points (NCPs) will be available through the Face2Face area to review your project ideas. Discuss discretely with NCPs whether your idea fits the call topic you chose. Or get help to find another.

How do I register?

  1. Find an Digital topic in the Cluster 4 - Digital, Industry & Space Work Programme
  2. Fill the pre-proposal check form, and upload it here
  3. Sign-up for FREE through the Ideal-ist Face2Face brokerage system. Login and mark - “I would like to sign up for a project idea consultation”

And we will book a time slot for you!

Frequently asked questions

What should I expect?

The proposal idea check service is a ~20 minute session with a National Contact Point (not necessarily from your country). It is designed to offer advice on your project idea, especially whether it is in the scope of the call topic you chose, and suggest alternatives if it isn’t (and if there is another relevant open call topic available). It will also highlight further information and tools to help you build a consortium and prepare a proposal according to the call topic requirements.

I can’t find a topic to fit my idea

Finding a topic that perfectly fits your project idea like a glove fits a hand is actually pretty rare. You should look for a topic where you can leverage your field of expertise within a project that directly addresses the requirements of the call.

I think I found a topic, but I am not sure

Then this service is exactly for you! Filling out the pre-proposal form will help structure your thoughts about your project idea and will prepare you for the session. After you fill-out the form and upload it, we will schedule a session with an experienced NCP to consult you about your project idea and assess how well it really addresses the challenge and scope of the call.

I have my idea perfectly organised in my head, why do I have to fill out a form?

In order to offer good advice, we have to be prepared. Reading your idea and getting all the information ahead will help us help you!

When will you book me a session?

After we get the Proposal Idea Check forms and all the availability constraints of both proposers and NCPs, we will build a schedule. You will be informed via mail and/or the B2match system a few days ahead*.

In case the demand for this service is higher than the number of sessions available, we will prioritise applicants who completed registration (filled out the form and uploaded it) earlier and inform the others of further options for proposal idea checks after the event

Did you miss pre-registration?

Ideal-ist will offer project idea consultations via pre-booked via bilateral meetings, or on-the-fly on 28 June 2021 via through its support staff  (subject to availability). Please message Ideal-ist support (you must be logged in).

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